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Style Canoeing follows in the footsteps of Omer Stringer, Bill Mason, Becky Mason and others paddling in a classic Canadian form also called “Omering”, Canadian Style, or Classic Solo Canoeing.  Participants will be exposed to quiet water solo paddling where the canoe moves gracefully across the water in free flowing motions.  Style canoeing uses a traditional tandem canoe paddled on one side and heeled over with the gunwale near the surface of the water.

Canoeing Essentials – Introduction STYLE Canoe provides the foundation for all levels of Style canoeing.  Basic core skills will be covered and the ability to paddle in precisely controlled manoeuvres will be developed.  At this level candidates must be able to complete the core skills and open water manoeuvres on one paddling side; they will also be encouraged to attempt the skills on both sides. Students will develop a good understanding of the MITH concept in relation to boat control in the forward direction, and an introduction to reverse.

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Suitable pond or lake calm sheltered area with no wind).

Two and half days

Paddle Canada Introduction LAKE Solo. Good swimming ability strongly recommended.

Instruction, certification, group equipment, equipment rental (if requested). Excludes personal equipment, food and transportation to course site.

July 31 - August 2, 2015

Canoeing Essentials - Introduction STYLE Canoe
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