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Canoeing Essentials – Introduction MOVING WATER Tandem is the starting point to paddling in current.  Its purpose is to allow course participants to paddle safely and comfortably in current and to expose individuals to the excitement of moving water.

Introduction MOVING WATER Tandem is a two and a half day course that will focus on safety and skill development on Class 1 Rapids with little wind.  The course will utilize on-land lectures, in-water rescue clinic, and a combination of flat water and in-current skill development sessions. The course will also incorporate a river run to expose participates to the process of safe river travel.







$150 two day course.

Suitable River (TERRA NOVA is most common).

Two and half Days

Paddle Canada Intermediate LAKE TANDEM. GOOD swimming ability.

Course material, Paddle Canada certification (if successful). Excludes personal equipment, food and transportation or meals. Equipment rental available.

October 17- 18, 2015

Canoeing Essentials - Introduction Moving Water Tandem
 Call: (709) 728-6120
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