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The Introduction LAKE Instructor certification is the foundation for all instructor levels within the Paddle Canada Canoe program and significant emphasis is placed upon safety, leadership, judgement, teaching theory and technical paddling skills. Successful candidates will gain expert knowledge of Paddle Canada’s website and certification program and will understand the importance of developing/tailoring course outcomes to match different paddling environments.

Individual's will learn to deliver concise instruction, become proficient in developing/tailoring course outcomes, and learn instructional methods that are applicable to the physical activity of canoeing.








Suitable pond or lake and classroom.

4 days

Age 18 or older. 16 hour First Aid Course. Intermediate LAKE Tandem skill certification. Alternatively, appropriate certification can be given to match candidate's prerequisite skill.

Paddle Canada course sanctioning and certification. Excludes: Paddle Canada Instructor registration fee, personal equipment, transportation or meals. Equipment rental available.

June 4 - 7, 2015 (additional sessions if required)

Canoeing Essentials - Introduction LAKE Instructor (TANDEM)
 Call: (709) 728-6120
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