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Canoeing Essentials – Introduction LAKE TANDEM is designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for open water lake paddling. The items chosen for inclusion in this program are of importance to all lake canoeists as they transfer and expand the basic canoeing skills and knowledge to the environment of open water.

The course will provide candidates with the theory and skills necessary for a day long canoe trip in open water. The program includes: timed and difficult rescues, specialized equipment, a variety of forward and turning strokes, efficiency and precision and more challenging paddling conditions.

There will also be an increased emphasis on paddling partner communication and coordination.







$60 (as continuation of Canoeing Essentials– Canoeing Basics)
$125 (as two day course)

Suitable pond or lake.

1 or 2 day

None. Strongly recommend you have confident swimming ability.

Instruction, certification, group equipment, equipment rental (if requested). Excludes personal equipment, food and transportation to course site.

June 26 - 28, 2015

Canoeing Essentials - Introduction LAKE TANDEM
 Call: (709) 728-6120
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