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New Courses
We are pleased to announce the addition of several new canoeing disciplines and associated courses to our product offering this paddling season. Our Instructors have achieved Paddle Canada Instructor and Instructor Trainer certifications in these disciplines and are very excited to share their knowledge, skills and experience with you.
Moving Water:
Carving S-turns, performing front ferries and back ferries, peeling out into current, and eddying out into eddy pools are all some of the fun and exciting ways to safely manouevre a canoe in a river environment. The Moving Water courses will allow participants to learn the core skills needed for river travel, as well the opportunity to progress through the different rapid levels present in moving water (i.e., class 1 - 3). Once you try, you'll be hooked! Learning river morphology, and the efficiency associated with placing the canoe appropriately within those river features, is a unique paddling experience like no other. Courses available in Introduction and Intermediate Levels.
Coastal Canoeing:
Interested in paddling in an ocean environment? Coastal Canoeing courses will give participates the seamanship knowledge and tools necessary for safe ocean travel. Many elements must come together before undertaking a canoe trip on the ocean - knowledge of tides, currents, accurate weather forecasting, complex navigation, and environment/group awareness. Participants will travel on the ocean and analyse environmental factors as they change on an hourly to daily basis. Thus, they will learn to use the most important tool available to ocean paddlers - judgement.
Style Canoeing:
Style Canoeing follows in the footsteps of Omer Stringer, Bill Mason, Becky Mason and others paddling in a classic Canadian form also called “Omering”, Canadian Style, or Classic Solo Canoeing. Participants will be exposed to a quiet water solo paddling style where the canoe moves gracefully across the water in free flowing motions. Style canoeing uses a traditional tandem canoe paddled on one side and heeled over with the gunwale near the surface of the water. The peacefulness associated with style canoeing is easy to appreciate and the sense of satisfaction associated with linking strokes and manoeuvres is very addictive. Introduction Style Canoeing courses available.